Guye Peak & return to the blog

👋 Everyone, A few friends have been asking for updates as the blog has gone pretty silent the last couple months after a flurry of activity. Things have been OK but they seem to be on the up now! There’s actually been a fair bit of activity of over the past few months and I’ll share some of that.

This past Friday Kasia, Arvind, Meadow, and I climbed Guye peak via the standard north route from the Alpental parking lot.

Guye Peak North Summit
Meadow has grown a lot 🙂

I brought some gear for the traverse but it looked a little too sketchy and nobody else was game for it, next time!

We had the mountain basically to ourselves on a quiet December Friday before the snow started coming down. We met one fellow mountaineers member who was super cool and exchanged stories and numbers. 🤞 we get out and tackle some common objectives.

5th year Anniversary

Every year we shared a photo album with some close friends of notable events, here’s Year 5!

General Updates

It’s been almost 6 months since the last update, a few things have happened.

We both graduated the scrambling class with the mountaineers. Kasia got into the Basic class and I’m planning on doing the Basic equivalency in the spring.

“New” more capable wheels
Short clip in Montana on the way back from seeing my family in Canada.
The Tooth (Snoqualmie Pass 5.4) , led the first two pitches
Cables on Half Dome
First trad lead at Smith Rock, OR

We both got our lead cards at the local indoor gym. Kasia’s enrolled in the Mountaineers Basic Climb for 2022. I’m planning on applying for equivalency, Ski season, albeit delayed, looks to be around the corner. We both have IKON passes for this year. We’re planning on getting as many turns in at Crystal as possible.

Will try to keep the blog more active, if nothing else for myself 😅.