Newest Member of AlpinismProject & Adams C2C

This is Meadow. She’s a Vizsla.

Where the Mountains at?

Meadow came home today, already eager to send the stairs. We’ll work our way upwards from there. I have a feeling she’s going to be the fastest member of the AlpinismProject family by far. Super well behaved and hasn’t barked once yet!

Also we did Adams on the weekend:

Some classic blog characters returned for a successful C2C bid of the second highest peak in Washington: Mount Adams. But of course not doing the standard 2 day route, C2C of the South Spur after 2 hours of “sleep” and a 6h drive 😅. Great day on the hottest weekend in PNW recorded history.

It’s also ripping hot today and hit over 46.5*c.

Unprecedented heat will shift into interior sections of the Northwest with record shattering temperatures persisting for much of the week.

We’ve also finally figured out what the next vehicle will be.

On the hunt for a 2016 LR4 with HSE/HSE-LUX and HD Package … hunting.

Stay safe and cool. Back to the puppy.

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