Summer 2022 Catch-up

Multiple summits, covid, oldest friend coming to Seattle, my parents visiting, etc. Weeks later finally decided to do a short writeup.

Successful Rainier summit – unguided – Disappointment Cleaver

Marcus and I successfully summited Rainier on August 7th.

I’ve been meaning to do this write-up for weeks. I have nothing much to share that isn’t available via other sources. Was a good experience and unguided was definitely the right call for us. Kudos to Marcus to taking a chance on me again and bagging it finally after 3 attempts this year.

Olek does Seattle

Mile 150 of 700+ that day. Thanks un-named friend for making that trip special.

It’s amazing to be at the point in life that friends are tossing the keys to their $100k+ supercars without any expectation of anything in return. Thanks buddy, you are amazing.

Olek came out for a few days and we saw some stuff, was a most excellent trip. Come back anytime and bring your better half!

Year 6 of life partnership with the best person on the planet

Every year I create a best of album of another year of the only person who can put up with me. Here’s to many more years honey. Album July 16th 2021-July 15th 2022:

Mom and Dad do Seattle

My parents planned to come for a week, flew in, ended up staying two!

Unfortunately despite testing negative they brought covid with them. After 2.5 years of pandemic I finally got my first infection. Like everything else I try to do, my body decided that I might as well try to world class and get over it ASAP.

105.6°F fever later (within 1.6° of brain damage)

Amazing care from my mom and doctor network (you guys rock) … got through that.

Rest of the trip was trying to see how much we could see of Washington before the infernos started. The instagram post at the top is some of the highlights.

I “climbed” first/second/third burroughs mountains just south of Mt. Rainier. We also did Cascade pass, and the whole mountain loop highway. Artist point and Whistler peak to peak rounded out the trip!

Cascade River Road

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Bonus content:

The best trip report I’ve ever read: ( LONG LONG LONG read)